Distributor Agreement

By purchasing through our wholesale website you agree to following agreement.


Distributor Agreement

THIS AGREEMENT is entered between One Minute SNAXX (Distributor/Supplier) and (Retailer). Operating under the laws of the Queensland, Australia. This agreement is effective from the date of 11th March 2021. 

The Distributor, One Minute SNAXX, on sells their products to the Retailer in this non-exclusive agreement. The  Retailer’s desire is to sell the products supplied to them from The Distributor upon the terms and conditions set forth  herein:

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the property and the joint agreements herein contained, the parties hereto  agree as follows:

  1. One Minute SNAXX grants the non-exclusive right to lease or sell their products at prices set by One Minute SNAXX. These will be the Recommended Retail Price (RRP). The Retailer cannot change the prices and must stick to the RRP (or below it) unless it has elsewise been discussed with One Minute SNAXX. Doing this will  result in a breach of this agreement and all business will cease. 
  2. One Minute SNAXX shall provide the correct order to the retailer. One Minute SNAXX shall provide all of the information that The Retailer requires at a reasonable request. One Minute SNAXX reserves the right to decline certain information they consider sensitive and confidential. 
  3. If in any event that The Retailer would like to refund/return their products, it must fall under a reasonable request to do so and be aligned with the Australian Consumer Law. The Retailer will need to return all unopened and undamaged products. Any items that have been used, sold, damaged and/or opened, will not be refunded. The  Retailer will also cover the costs of the postage to return the items and in some cases, will even be charged a  restocking fee. 
  4. One Minute SNAXX will provide all digital advertising and media material to The Retailer at a reasonable request. The Retailer has reserved the right to request images from One Minute SNAXX that they can use to promote, sell and advertise. One Minute SNAXX shall make available to The Retailer copies of all digital  promotional material relating to selling of the products, whether it be written, photos and graphics. One Minute  SNAXX reserves the right to decline any request that seems unreasonable from The Retailer. 
  5. One Minute SNAXX shall provide itself with, and be solely responsible for, such facilities and business organisation and such permits, licenses and other forms of clearance from governmental or regulatory agencies, if any, as is necessary for the conduct of its operations in accordance with this Agreement and the law.
  6. It is agreed and acknowledged that One Minute SNAXX is a branded company and The Retailer can only market and sell as One Minute SNAXX brand only. The Retailer agrees to not resell the products in different packaging, logos or attempt to on sell the product as another company product that is not One Minute SNAXX.  If this event happens, it will be in breach of this agreement and legal action will be perused.
  7. It is agreed by The Retailer that they must display all correct product images and information. This includes displaying the correct ingredients, nutritional information, product description, allergens, storage and product images. The Retailer agrees to update information when requested to do so by One Minute SNAXX.
  8. Under this agreement, One Minute SNAXX reserves the right to take up to 14 days to produce, pack and send an order due to any unforeseen delays. In some rare cases, it may even take longer and One Minute SNAXX reserves the right to take longer due to any delays. One Minute SNAXX will correctly inform The Retailer and keep updated regularly or upon The Retailer’s request. Once the order leaves the factory of One Minute  SNAXX, they take no responsibility for any delays from the postal service as it is entirely out of their control. 
  9. This Agreement shall terminate 2 years from the effective date unless renewed by mutual consent. This agreement will be renewed every time an order is placed. Either party may terminate the Agreement at any time by giving the other party prior written notice of termination. Upon termination, The Retailer can no longer sell the products of One Minute SNAXX and will be required to return all unopened and undamaged products. Any  items that have been used, sold, damaged and/or opened, will not be refunded. The Retailer will also cover the  costs of the postage to return the items and in some cases, will even be charged a restocking fee. Once the  Agreement has been terminated, returned products will be due within 14 days. Moreover, The Retailer shall  continue to provide correct services to customers that have purchased One Minute SNAXX products from The  Retailer. Units to customers that have already ordered products before the Termination date are entitled to  receive those products. 
  10. The Retailer acknowledges that One Minute SNAXX involves confidential information and data of substantial value, which value would be impaired if said information and data were disclosed to third parties. Therefore, The Retailer agrees that, during the term of this Agreement and after the termination hereof The Retailer and  its Representatives shall keep and treat as strictly confidential, and shall not publicise, disclose or otherwise  divulge or use for its own benefit or for the benefit of any third party, all proprietary rights or confidential data  and information which have been or may hereafter be made available, directly or indirectly. Distributor shall not  duplicate, reproduce or photocopy any of One Minute SNAXX products, documents, data or correspondence  furnished or disclosed to it by One Minute SNAXX without the prior written consent of One Minute SNAXX.
  11. One Minute SNAXX does not hold any responsibilities for any problems with the products after it has passed its expiration date which is clearly stated on the products. We will not refund, replace or accept any returns of the items after their expiration date. 
  12. Any disputes, conflicts of interests or disagreements arising out of or relating to this Agreement, which cannot be settled by the parties on a mutually satisfactory basis shall be resolved by binding arbitration in Queensland, Australia, in accordance with the Australian Consumer Law. One Minute SNAXX also reserves the right to  terminate this agreement at any point and time if a dispute, conflict of interest or disagreement arises.

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